About Us

 ShriTech Manufacturing is a full-service CNC machine shop specialized in solving  highly competitive and dynamic business needs with high Quality.


Shritech Energy have steadily grown our success ever since start. Through outstanding customer service and high quality of work, we have been able to invest in high-end CNC technologies, turning our modest business into a large CNC Machining shop.

The latest CNC technology investments allow us to provide the most advanced, top of the line precision quality. With our precision machinery, we are able to produce custom machined parts.

This level of precision allows us to meet and exceed the demanding tolerances and complex specifications we meet in our client’s part designs. With our focus and dedication to unparalleled precision and quality, we are able to produce high quality parts for a wide spectrum of industries and sectors.

We are always looking to foster and build long-term business relationships with our customers by combining three cornerstone elements into our business: on-time delivery, high quality machined parts, and competitive prices.

Our Vision is to become a leading precision machining company through service excellence in the provision of quality engineering services.